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Powerful, Simple, and Affordable. 
  • Professional level options analysis tools.
  • Simple to use "point & click" interface.
  • An unbeatable price at $199 with free datafeed (NO monthly fees)
  • NEW features

Try the analysis below now (download no risk trial versions)!

Optionstar is now refined into one simple view for analysis of:
Options Chains, Custom Spreads, and Spreads Generator.

5 free delayed datafeeds (stocks, indexes, & futures) are ready
to instantly update.  

Streaming realtime datafeeds are available with an
Interactive Brokers account OR TD ameritrade <think or swim platform>  new


1. Chain (Graphically review all theoretical pricing, volatilities, time value, and, delta in an options chain)


2.  Custom Spread  (create any option spread up to six legs and view the 3D PL risk graphs for the spread and its' components)

3.  Spreads Generator (instantly generate 470 of the best spread strategies for any underying options chain)



Realtime Streaming with Interactive Brokers Account or TD ameritrade (think or swim):

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