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Innovative Mnemonics for spread identification

Optionstar has an easy to understand mnemonic 3 letter system that will quickly identify the most favorable 
underlying movement and option valuation for each spread.
The 1st three letters of each spread description below tells us the direction, valuation, and type (call or put) of each spread.
For example, spread no.1 is nfb_twin peaks...  nfb is short for Neutral direction, Fair valuation, and Both (calls and puts) options.
directions: n=neutral, v=volatilie, u=up, d=down    valuations: e=expensive, f=fair, c=cheap   option type: c=call, p=put, b=both

Optionstar shows each leg of the spread.  For example spread no.1 is (bac+bap+2sOc+2sOp).This translates to:
 (buy at the money call)
+ (buy at the money put) + (2 sell far out of the money calls) + (2 sell far out of the money puts)
You can also view the exact option detail of each spread on the positions column to the right. 


Innovative animated time decay

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