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Here are what some actual USERS of Optionstar are saying:

"It took a little getting used to but, it is a superb piece of software.  It is very
  practical.  It provides info that a serious trader needs, like probability of
  success without the extraneous fluff that other option programs offer up."
                                          - Ken Johnston, Stock Broker

"Option Star is a fantastic program that quickly and easily allows me
  to model almost any imaginable option trade, once I have decided on the
  particular stock/future/index whose options I want to evaluate.  Its
  extensive array of risk graphs and its ability to model custom option
  positions input by the user rival similar features available in other software
  costing thousands (25 times) more than Option Star."
                                             - Ben Maltz, Engineer (Boston, MA.)

"I have in the recent past used software that cost over 5 times as much as
  optionstar and required a monthly fee of $60 for end of day data.
  Optionstar does more, does it intraday and the data feed is free.  It is a
  product long overdue."
                                            - Bill Bell, Computer Science Teacher (BC, Canada)

"Thanks, Jesse.  That new worksheet (bargain options) really looks great.
  Congratulations on another impressive programming effort!  What you're
  doing is truly appreciated.  By the way, please feel free give my
  e-mail address to any prospective user, on an individual basis, if he/she is
  specifically asking for a reference.  The potential value of OptionStar is
  pretty obvious to me."
                                             - M.K., Trader (Reno, NV)

"I think that the Optionstar suite of option analysis programs is one of the     biggest bargains around.  Dollar for dollar, it gives you more analytical power than any other option program I've seen.  Many other programs charge you 10 to 20 times more and they don't even come close to Optionstar's capabilities for the price.  Optionstar is a great deal for a great price! "
                                             - Robert B., Trader (Irvine, CA.)


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